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قديم 2014-06-19, 09:20 AM
سنفوره روح العالم ..
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افتراضي Presentation of the importance of English Language-برزنتيشن عن اهميه اللغه الانجليزيه

Presentation of the importance of English Language

Now that the language spoken by Alangelesais everywhere and that He is very important to us to live with the language in order to speak out in the place in which they need to speak the language and I advise everyone to learn this language in order to benefit more
Importance of the English language
.. English has become the global language first and most widespread in the world ..

.. English is the language of modern times ..

.. English language, the language of science and technology and scientific research ..

.. English Language economy, e-commerce and aviation ..

.. English language and computer language study at universities and colleges ..

.. English language travel and tourism ..

] - [Necessities learn English] - [

.. English is necessary and the process must be learned in isolation from those who admire spoken ..

.. English has become the king of the spoken and used regardless of the nationality ..

.. Learning English is not incompatible with any logic for being responsive to the needs of many ..

.. English way of thinking as a means of communication with others and become acquainted with the culture is the key to a foreign culture ..

.. The foreign language proficiency programs some kind of intelligence is the only linguistic intelligence ..

.. English constitute a significant addition to individual stocks mental ..

.. Language is a tool communication between peoples and cultures and has owned this tool can
Alakrwaltgay contact with others and influence in other cultures ..

.. Learning English will help us in responding to the challenges of the world and technological knowledge in their own home Ngzona
In the era of globalization and universality of culture ..

] - [The benefits of learning English] - [

.. Respond to the distortion campaigns through the use of language ..

.. Refute misconceptions and misconceptions about Arabs and Arab-Islamic culture ..

.. Use of the English language in the dissemination of the Islamic religion and Arab-Islamic culture ..

.. Learning English helps in raising a good citizen who defends the values and ideals of the nation and religion ..
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