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قديم 2014-03-24, 08:27 PM
Yaser Al-Rahbi
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Top برزنتيشن عن الزلزال بالانجليزي - presentation about the earthquake

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته ..

presentation about the earthquake

Earthquake is a sudden movement of the earth's crust caused by the release of stress accumulated along geologic faults or by volcanic activity. Also called seism, temblor .earthquake are vibrations caused
. by rods break under stress

Earthquake can be very dangerous. It can kill people the story buildings and cause economic problems and may cause injury and loss of life, road and bridge damage, general property damage. They are countries which have been severely affected by earthquake.The most devastating Kant, JapanIt has magnitude of 7.9 richer scale. This earthquake created the rise of tsunamis which is high as 40 feet many building world this tory and the here we've 142,800 people who
. perished away with this earthquake

?How can we protect ourselves form earth quake
.Stay away from glass or anything that could fall
If you are in a crowded area, do not even consider running for the nearest exit. Everyone will be doing that, and crowding will lead to even more injuries. Take cover under something heavy and stay
.away from things that could fall on you
.Be prepared for aftershocks after the initial earthquake has ended

Earthquake is caused by natural. We are totally helpless form it
,if an earthquake occurring it's important to do propane cover and this means we have to flow in the floor in the get under tables for protection it is the important we stay came to cover under haven objects and if we are outside the building we should stay away from glass for many thing that could full.

We have to flex shocks be used to are smaller in magnitude than
should still be very danger

 توقيع : Yaser Al-Rahbi

آخر تعديل Yaser Al-Rahbi يوم 2014-03-24 في 09:27 PM.
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