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Yaser Al-Rahbi
~ آلمدير آلعآم ~
Yaser Al-Rahbi غير متواجد حالياً
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لوني المفضل Brown
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Mmyz برزنتيشن عن وقت الفراغ - presentation about free time

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته ..

presentation about free time

We aren’t busy all our time we sometimes have free time. Some people make use of this time, but others don’t free time is the time when we haven’t any work to do.
Some people practice some activities during this time. These activities are called free time activities.
Some activities are dangerous like motor racing and sailing about some activities are quiet like playing the music. There are some activities which are called arts and craft activities like painting and making models. Some free activities are suitable for some people, but they aren’t for others. For examples, people who like doing things by themselves appear to like peaceful activities and enjoy computing, making models or sewing.
People who are interested in keeping fit and healthy like activities which get them to more and use their bodies. They enjoy all kinds of team sports. People who like books with illustrations and pictures usually have a strong visual intelligence. They like doing art such as drawing and painting people who like doing with other people and have good organizational skills are interested in group activities. Also, they are good at organizing trips.
There are two kinds of free time activities, indoor activities and outdoor activities. Indoor activities like reading drawing, writing playing the piano and playing computer games. Outdoor activities, like motor racing, horse riding, fishing, and football, skiing and swimming.
There are some disadvantages for not practicing free time activities we feel depressed. Also we feel that we are isolated. We don’t learn much about the world around us and we don’t learn how to deal with others. Some people who don’t practice any activities, they usually smoke or spend their time in bad things. I advise all my friends to practice free time activities suitable for their needs and abilities to be a part in their societies. In my opinion free time activities have many advantages. The main advantages of free time activities are that we spend our time away from bad habits like smoking. We enjoy our time and refresh our minds.
They are very important four our health and souls. We learn how to work in a team and we learn co-operation. For example when I go out in a journey with my friends to the desert for camping, we learn to be dependent. Some of us carry the things for the camp, some make food, some of us prepare the tent and others clean the place. Free time activities enrich our hobbies and enlarge our thinking

 توقيع : Yaser Al-Rahbi

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